I spend my life with my dogs (and my husband!), and I photograph other people’s dogs, as well as being a qualified dog trainer. We now have 3 dogs, and they frequently appear in my images – they all love being in my studio and they're pretty good posers! Hobson the English setter is our latest addition and he has his own Facebook page and Instagram!

Photo by Clare Forster Photography
Photo by Clare Forster Photography

What an amazing job I have, it is great fun and such a privilege to create everlasting memories for folk who adore their animals like I do mine.

I mostly shoot at my studio at my home in Norfolk, or I can meet you at a location like your favourite walk, and several times a year I do special beach shoots when I’m at my place in Norfolk. I create beautiful art for you to hang on your walls, from framed prints, to box canvasses and gorgeous acrylic blocks for your desk or mantelshelf.

I photograph all the covers for Dogs Today Magazine and Dogs Monthly Magazine which is a huge honour and has been an incredible experience as there’s usually a special story behind each cover dog.

Sometimes I even photograph people too, usually with their dogs which is great, capturing that loving relationship between human and dog.

For ten years previously, I worked as a animal trainer on tv and movies, training dogs and cats to do lots of fun things.  So I have vast experience of how to encourage an animal to be co-operative in front of the camera. Obviously, sausages help a lot too! Seriously though, don’t worry at all if your pet is ‘untrained’ as that really doesn’t matter. I have had numerous supposedly unruly dogs in my studio and have got super shots of all of them.  The animal’s welfare is always at the forefront of my mind, I want them to be happy and to enjoy the experience!

I also work as a dog behaviourist, helping dogs that have difficulties being sociable.


Please do have a look at my portfolio, and get in touch if you’d like to book a shoot. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll see what I’ve been up to lately.